The "To Do list" before Home Staging or Showings

The "To Do list" before Home Staging or Showings

Here is a bit of "homework" we give to all our sellers before the staging company stages their properties or before any showings.

General Home Preparation:

Front & Back

Mow, weed, edge, trim and mulch yard.

Pressure clean exterior of house and walkways, driveway, fences and porches.

Paint front door area, if needed, and polish or replace hardware.

Make sure all exterior fixtures are working and in good repair.

Remove yard ornaments and flags.

Remove grill (to garage) and patio furniture not in good repair.


Paint walls in light neutral colors. Touch up trim.

Remove clutter on all surfaces.

Remove extra furniture if it is in walkways or blocking a view.

Remove dated window treatments.

Kitchen & Baths

Organize bookshelves.

All surfaces must be cleared, refrigerator magnets removed, scatter rugs removed. No appliances left on counters, except a Keurig type coffee pot.

Open all cabinets and organize, if needed. New shelf lining paper is helpful.

Clean oven and the area under all sinks. New shelf lining paper and baskets for cleaning products tells people you are tidy.

Organize all drawers and use new lining paper and dividers. Organize pantry.

Febreeze is good for odors. Clean grout on the floor and in shower/bath areas. Products cannot be visible.

Use a matching set of nice towels in each bath.


Pack away all seasonal clothing and organize. Things must be off the floor in the master closet. Use cedar blocks for odors.


All things must be removed from floors and dresser surfaces. A few accessories are okay. Remove stickers and posters taped to walls. Dog beds and bowls must be moved to garage for showings.


Walls should be freshly painted if needed, and tools etc. should be organized. Boxes can be stacked in the garage or a spare bedroom, if needed.

Whatever you would not see in a model home must be removed, such as, a can of hairspray or slippers next to the recliner. The house must look, as much as possible, like a new home.

After all the items are "checked-off" the list, staging can begin. Give us a call to schedule your in-home consultation with a staging company today.

Even if you don’t want the services of a staging company the list is very helpful to prepare for showings and present your home in the best way possible.